Jakub Jarosz Coding in Python & Go for fun and profit

How to reverse Python dictionary.

How to calculate time X minutes from now in Python.

Getting Started with JSON Web Tokens and Python

Basic usage of JWT with Python.

Flask DB migration 101

Basic commands required to initialise DB and create migrations.

AWS EC2 regions

A list of EC2 endpoints

Crontab format

Forward ssh traffic through a middle host.

Tmux 101

Tmux quick reference.

DevOpsDays Austin 2017 - Videos

Talks from the DevOpsDays conference.

DockerCon 2017 Videos

Videos from the DockerCon 2017 conference.

CentOS / RedHat 7 basic networking setup.

One of the most essential items on modern servers is networking. Networking on CentOS7 / RHEL7 is managed by service called NetworkManager. This post show how to validate and configure networking using ip and nmcli utilities.

Yum and rpm queries 101.

A short how-to note listing basic yum and rpm queries.

Setting up local yum repositories

Working with yum and setting up local rpm repositories.

Root password in CentOS and RedHat kickstart files

How to generate password hash and use it in kickstart files.

Python Virtualenv and Makefile

How to use make targets and python virtualenv.

Running ovftools inside a docker container.

How to upload ovf and vmdk files to vSphere using ovftools running inside a docker container.

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe 2017, Berlin, Germany

Videos from the conference.

Generating Ansible Roles

How to generate Ansible role and host it on GitHub.

Upgrading packages with brew.

How to install, remove and upgrade packages with brew.