Jakub Jarosz Coding in Python & Go for fun and profit

Jakub currently works for Salesforce as a Senior System Security Engineer. He focuses on Python and Go development, Linux system security and compliance and infrastructure automation. He was a member of the R&D technical team behind Axway API Gateway. He architected and automated infrastructure provisioning processes and helped to build CI/CD pipelines in AWS. In the past he architected and helped to build infrastructure and application performance test frameworks for FieldAware API services. As a member of engineering teams at Ammeon, AOL Ireland and NewBay Software he helped to develop various test and system automation solutions in Python and Jython.

Jakub enjoys lifelong learning, solving problems and writing code in Python, Go and Ruby. His current technical interests include: cloud computing, microservices, Docker, Kubernetes and data science applied to the IT security field. He holds AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer Certificates.


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